Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weekend at the Lake!

Charlie invited a group of us up to his parents lake house up in the Tennessee mountains for a fun weekend out of the city! Klar picked me up late on Friday and we met Charlie, Sarah, and Dana up at the cabin.

We spent all of Saturday out on the lake. Charlie is a fricken pro at wake boarding and Dana is pretty dang good too, but Klar, Sarah, and I were all beginners. After Charlie showed off his awesome turns and flips and Dana attempted some sweet moves, it was the beginners time to learn.

It took Sarah a couple of times, but before we knew it she could stand up everytime and then entertain us with her awesome falls.

I was up next and after a couple times of being plowed through the water, I stood up on the board and was riding! It was hard to figure out how to maneuver over the wake without eating it, but minus the probable whiplash - I had a blast.

Klar was next and unfortunately he didn't have much luck standing up, but got frustratingly close a bunch of times!

We made sure to all take turns at the huge rope swing in between wake boarding and eventually we head back in for the night and grilled some up some food to have with our margaritas.

The next day we played around on the jet skis (my first time!) and I realized that I'm not a huge fan of going fast as hell on them...but, a bit of fear makes it all the more fun! :)

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